7 Tips For Keeping Your Skin Refreshed On A Long-haul Flight

We all know airplane air is extremely drying and tends to suck out all the moisture from our skin, so we basically look like a relative of Gollum when we land! Don’t worry we have a fool proof method to make sure you are paparazzi ready when you land!

1. Remove Makeup

First up if you’re wearing makeup remove it once you get on the plane, a makeup remover wipe is the easiest way.

2. Face Mist

After you’ve taken off your makeup give yourself a little spritz of a facial spray, we love the ones with rose water, this will add an extra layer of hydration.

3. Mask

Apply a translucent sleeping face mask, there are some really great ones on the market that will keep your skin hydrated for hours. A little trick is to ask for a sample at your local beauty store which will be the perfect size for travel.

4. Don’t forget your Eyes

If you’ve had a rough flight then your eyes are a dead give away, so we love using an eye mask…obviously our favourite is the James Cosmetic’s 24k Gold & Collagen Crystal Eye Mask, it’s specially designed to reduce puffiness, lines and create a fresh look.

5. Hydrate

This is key, it is so important to stay hydrated and your skin will thank you for it! Although it might be tempting to drink alcoholic beverages we recommend avoiding them because they will dehydrate you even further. Plus none of us want to reenact the scene out of bridesmaids… readyyyyyy toooooo parrrrtttttyyyyy!

6. Finishing  Touches

We also recommend that you bring eye drops to avoid your eyes drying out and also apply lip balm & hand cream liberally throughout the flight, chapped lips is never cute!